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What Groups Were Involved In The Space Race?

The Soviet Union and the United States fought in the Space Race.

What Was The Space Race Simple?

The Space Race was a competition between the Soviet Union and the United States to achieve better spaceflight capability. After World War II, there was a nuclear arms race between the two nations.

What Was Found On The Moon?

The discovery of water on the moon’s sunlit surface could help in establishing a permanent human presence on the lunar surface. Water ice has been found on the moon in the north and south.

Do Things Rot In Space?

Since there is no oxygen in space, your body won’t break down the way it normally would. If you were sealed in a space suit, your body wouldn’t last long.

What Are Facts About Space Race?

There is a race for space. The Space Race was a competition between the USA and the USSR to explore space. It can be seen as a part of the larger arms race as it could easily be transferred to military research. Both countries started working on satellites.

Who Won The Space Race?

Russia won the space race America went down in history as the winner of the space race when NeilArmstrong stepped on the moon. The Soviet cosmonauts were the pioneers of space exploration.

Why Did The Space Race Happen?

There is an answer to this question. The Soviet Union needed Intercontinental missiles to hit the USA and so they were developed first. It was decided by the rocket-makers that it would be a small task to use the same rocket to launch a satellite.

Why Is The Space Race Important?

The Space Race was important to U.S history because it brought an end to the Cold War, and it led to further joint ventures between the United States and the Soviet Union.