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What Has Helped Modern Computers Reduce Their Size?

Shrinking of the vacuum tubes and transistors have reduced the size of a computer.

What Invention Reduced The Size Of Computers Made Them Cheaper More Powerful And Less Expensive?

Moore’s Law.

Since 1965, the number of transistors on a computer chip has doubled every two years. Moore’s Law has meant faster, smaller, cheaper and more powerful computers.

Who Made Computers Smaller And Faster?

George Moore said in 1965, that the number of transistors on microchips would double every two years. Moore’s Law suggests that computational progress will become more efficient over time.

How Can Technology Help Companies Lower Manufacturing Costs?

Companies can be helped by technology. Technology is appealing to companies. It’s possible to cut the manufacturing cost. It makes the company more efficient by giving them the chance to save. Five ways technology can help lower manufacturing costs.

What Was The Impact Of Technology On The Economy?

As a result, people were less likely to die of hunger. Increased productivity from automation of agricultural work led farm workers to migrate to cities where they helped the industrial economy grow. Goods and services were created.

Why Was The Development Of Computer Chips So Important?

Silicon Valley brought startling advances to the world because of the simple premise that computer chips would do more and more and cost less and less.

How To Close The Technology Gap In Least Developed Countries?

The trickle-down assumption that increasing imports of capital goods and foreign investment would lead to development gains did not work out as expected.

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