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What Is A Class C Address?

Class C addresses have a network address and a local host address. 21 bits are left for the actual network address after the first three bits. The range for the first octet of a Class C address is 192 to 222.

What Is Class A B And C Address Ranges?

The range of Class A, B, and C Internet addresses are shown below. Their first octet is 0.0 and has 0-127. Class C networks have a default mask.

What Is The Class B Range?

You can design your scheme.

What Is The Class C Address Range In Decimal And In Binary?

Class C addresses start with a letter. 11000000 is the lowest number that can be represented. The highest number can be represented is 11011111. A Class C address is one that has a range of 192 to 223 in the first octet.

What Is The First Octet Number For A Class C Address?

192 to 222.

The range for the first octet of a Class C address is 192 to 222. The number of local hosts on the network and the number of subnetworks in the organization are things to consider when choosing a network address class.

What Is The Difference Between Class AB And C IP Addresses?

The address class can be determined for any given address. The address is class A if the first number is less than 127. The address is class B if the first number is between 128 and 191. The address is class C if the first number is less than 192.

Which Of The Following Is A Class B Address?

The range of Class B addresses is 128.0 to 192.255. The default is 255.255.