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What Is A Computer Network That Joins Computers Together Over Long Distances?

A wide area network is a computer network that joins computers together. The public telephone system can be used to join computers on aWAN. Private WANs are built for a single company.

Which Computer Network Connect Computer Throughout A Country Or Even Around The World?

A local area network (LAN) connects computers in a defined space like an office building, whereas a wide area network (WAN) connects computers across the world. The internet connects billions of computers worldwide.

What Is The Largest Network In The World That Connects Computers Across The Globe?

The internet.

The Internet is a network of computers. A computer network is any group of computing devices that can send or receive data.

Which Network Is Used To Connect Computers Across Multiple Cities?

The area network.

The Metropolitan Area Network connects two or more computers that are not in the same city. It serves as an internet service provider.

What Makes The Internet A Wide Area Network?

The internet makes it possible to communicate with computers all over the world. The internet is the language computers use to communicate with each other, it uses a protocol known as TCP/IP to achieve a common language between devices

What Kind Of Cable Is Used For Computer Networking?

The most widely used cable is a twisted pair. There are twisted pairs in the shield. The pairs are colorcoded. A computer is connected to this cable.

Which Is The Slowest Network LAN Or WAN?

The Wide Area Network is a network that covers a large geographical area, such as states, countries or the entire world. AWAN is a connection between computers. The largest distances makeWANs the slowest data communication medium.

What Kind Of Technology Does A LAN Use?

There are two technologies involved in the LAN: Ethernet or token-ring. The token-ring is rarely seen in LAN technology, which is based on a star topology. The data could be transferred with a speed of up to 16 megabits per second.