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What Is A User Response In Computer?

User response is the user’s answer to the computer’s question, such as choosing OK, YES, or NO, or typing in text.

What Are The Differences Among A Program A Command And A User Response?

What are the differences between a program, command, and user response? A command causes a program to do something. A user responds to a question by performing certain actions.

What Type Of Device Allows A User To Enter Data And Commands Into The Memory Of A Computer?

There is an input device.

There are four. Is there a way to get data into a computer? You can enter data into a computer with an input device. You use keyboards to enter data, whereas you use a mouse to do so.

What Are The Commands In Computer?

A command is a directive to a computer program. It can be issued via a command-line interface, such as a shell, or as an event in a graphical user interface triggered by the user selecting an option in a menu.

What Is The Difference Between Program And Command?

A program is an instruction created by a software developer. Users give commands to computers. It is used to tell which operatingCPU should execute. It’s used to tell the application to do something.

What Is The Connection Between Data And Information?

raw facts and figures are the data. The information is provided when the data is processed into sets. Data is the raw input that is processed or arranged. The result of data is information.

What Are Commands Answer?

What are the rules? Commands are instructions given to users to perform a particular task.

What Does The Command Line Do On A Computer?

The console or terminal is a text-based interface that forwards commands from the user to the operating system.

What Makes A Program Run On More Than One Computer?

This gave a vehicle to run the same program on multiple computers. Each high-level language has a translated program. A program that reads each of the program’s instructions in a different way.

Which Is The Correct Way To Write A CMD Command?

Individual commands can be extended. They are usually given as a letter with a minus sign. CMD can also be used to store information. The question mark is used for wild cards. )

What Are The Four Categories Of Command Prompt?

The Windows command prompt commands are divided into four categories: basics, files, system and network. orientation information is what the information on theFunctionality of various Windows versions should be understood as.