Physical Address

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What Is An Electronic Pathway?

An electronic pathway is a bus that carries electronic signals. There are electronic signals between the parts of a computer. Bus speedidentifies how fast the electronic signals are moving.

Which Is An Electronic Pathway Used To Connect The CPU With Every Device In A Computer?

All of the programming and computing happens in the computer’s central processing unit. The computer’s nervous system is the board, which uses circuits to connect the processor to other hardware, including the memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, and peripherals.

What Is A Pathway Composed Of Cables And Connectors Used To Carry Data From A Computer’s Peripheral Devices?

The system bus is a pathway that carries data between a computer chip and the main memory. The bus provides a way for the data and control signals to be communicated.

Which Of The Following Can Be Used To Connect Several Devices To The System Unit And Are Widely Used To Connect Keyboards Mice Printers Storage Devices And A Variety Of Specialty Devices?

There are a variety of specialty devices that can be connected with theusb ports.

What Makes Up The External Bus In A Computer?

The expansion bus is made up of electronic pathways that connect different external devices to the computer An address bus is a bus that can specify a physical address.

Where Does The Information In A Carrier Signal Come From?

The information is applied to the electronic device called a transmitter. A carrier wave is generated by an electronic oscillator in the transmitter.

How Are Messages Sent Across A Computer Network?

Each of these messages can be sent across a data or information network. The signal can be transmitted over the appropriate medium. In computer networks, the media is usually a cable.

Which Is Part Of The Computer Connects To The Motherboard?

The internal bus, also known as internal data bus, memory bus, system bus or front-side bus, connects all the internal components of a computer, such as the processor and memory. Local buses are internal data buses that connect to local devices.