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What Is Called Protocol?

A protocol is a set of rules. Each step and process is defined by rules. The networks have to follow the rules.

What Is The Main Protocol?

OSI is perhaps the most important computer protocol. The most important internet protocols are:

What Is A Protocol And Why Do We Need It?

The quality and unanimity of a product can be maintained through rules. Protocols are the set of rules used to represent and communicate data. It helps to check and correct errors.

What Are The Examples Of Protocol?

There are a number of standard network protocols.

What Is The Purpose Of Protocol?

A network protocol is a set of rules that determine how data is transmitted. It allows connected devices to communicate with each other regardless of their internal processes or design.

What Are The Uses Of Protocol?

Communication Different network devices can communicate using communication protocols. They can be used for a lot of things, from transferring files between devices to accessing the internet.

How Is A Protocol Written?

The rationale for the study, its objective, the methodology used, how the data will be managed and analysed should be outlined in the protocol. Where appropriate, how ethical issues have been considered should be highlighted.