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What Is Created To Contain Related Documents And Applications?

What is the object that is created? There are folder on a storage device. There are folder on a storage device. There are folder on a storage device. There are folder on a storage device.

How Are COM Objects Created In A Program?

There are many programming languages that can be used to create COM objects. The implementation of COM objects can be simplified by using object-oriented languages. Even on remote computers, objects can be within a single process.

What Do You Mean By Document Object Model?

The document object model is a programming interface for documents. The way a document is accessed is defined by it. The structure is called a Logical structure because it doesn’t specify a relationship between objects.

Where Are Linked Objects Stored In A Word File?

The source file contains linked data. The Word file displays a representation of the data linked to the source file. If file size is an issue, use linked objects.

Which Is The Best Definition Of An Object File?

An object file is a file that contains machine code that is not directly executed. The same object code can be packaged in different file formats. An object file can be similar to a shared library.

What Kind Of Technology Is Object Linking And Embedding?

Microsoft developed a proprietary technology called OLE that allows linking to documents and other objects.

What Does Oledocument Do To A Document Object?

The interface for every view is implemented by a document object. The caller can set the site of the object, query and set the size of the object, as well as some related functions.

Which Is An Example Of An Object File?

Common object file format (COFF), COM files and “.exe” files are examples.

What Is A Document In The PC World?

There is a document The term was first used for a file created with a word processor. Graphics, charts and other objects can be found in documents. Word processing files are being separated from other applications’ files.

What Are The Instructions In An Object File?

Instructions to be executed by a computer are contained in object files. object files may require some intermediate processing by the operating system before instructions are actually executed by the hardware