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What Is Meaning Of Preordained?

Relating to something. To ordain in advance.

What Is The Sentence Of Laser?

2. The laser jet printer isn’t working. There are two things. The laser guidance system makes it more likely that the missile will land.

What Is Integrity In A Sentence?

She wouldn’t compromise on principle. The film’s integrity is lost without music. The cultural integrity of the community is being preserved. The building might have been damaged by the earthquake.

How Do You Use Honesty In A Sentence?

She is admired for being kind and honest. Everyone who works for him has to be honest. He didn’t tell me he was leaving.

What Is Divine Preordination?

Calvin’s doctrine that God has foreordained every event throughout eternity is usually associated with pre-ordination.

What Is Preordained Destiny?

“Prirdend” is a word. If you say that something is preordained, you mean you believe it to be happening in a way that has been decided by a power. Our actions are unfolding of a preordained destiny according to the belief.

How Do You Use Laser Focus In A Sentence?

Jeff has a laser. It was a laser. His laser focus has been absorbed by them. It is possible to target messages with a laser focus.

What Is The Sentence Of Leisure?

He devoted his time to his studies here. He was given more leisure by the new post. Both business and leisure clients are addressed.

How Do You Say I Am Integrity?

There is a simpler way to say someone has integrity, but it is not the same as saying people have integrity. It is possible to use the words ‘trustworthy’ and ‘virtuous’ in place of the word ‘person of integrity’.

What Is A Good Example Of Integrity?

A person with integrity does the right thing behind closed doors. Inform a cashier that they gave you too much change and go back to the store to pay for something you forgot are two examples of showing integrity.

What Is Honesty Give An Example?

Someone who is honest is someone who is trustworthy. Someone tells a friend that a meal they prepared had too much salt. A student admits to cheating on a test.

What Defines Dishonesty?

Honesty is the act of being honest. It can be used to describe a lack of integrity, knavishness, perfidiosity, corruption, or traitorousness.

How Is The Word’preordained’used In A Sentence?

Make the most of your time in the world you have been in, and the world you will return to. Human suffering is preordained without being judged conscienceless or inhuman.

What Was The Aim Of The Framer Of The Sentence?

The framer wants to exploit the weaknesses in order to change the audience’s choices. The framers gave us a flexible instrument that could be used for functions and government.

What Does Susan B Glasser Mean By Preordain?

With less than two weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses, several of the race’s protagonists were being called back to the capital to participate in a process that is all but preordained.

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Preordained In Romeo And Juliet?

It had been a thing that had been taken for granted before. The preordained time has arrived, and it’s time for Emanuel to take charge. After ten years of Juliet, please think of her.