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What Is Meant By Automatic Repeat Request?

Automatic repeat request (ARQ), also known as automatic repeat query, is an error-control method for data transmission that uses timeouts and certain periods of time before an acknowledgement is given.

What Is The Purpose Of ARQ?

Automatic Repeat Request is an error-control mechanism that uses acknowledgements and timeouts to achieve reliable data transmission.

What Is ARQ And FEC Transmission?

There is a combination of high-rate forward error correction and automatic repeat request. The redundant bits are added to the data in order to use an error-detecting code.

What Is The Difference Between Stop And Wait And Wait ARQ?

The main difference between Stop-and-Wait Protocol and sliding window protocol is that in Stop-and-Wait, the sender sends one frame and waits for the receiver to acknowledge it, whereas in sliding window protocol, the sender sends more than one frame to the receiver.

Why Is The Name Automatic Repeat Request?

Automatic Repeat Request is a group of errors that control protocols for the transmission of data. Automatic retransmission of frames is what they are named for.

What Are The Three ARQ Techniques?

There are three main types of theARQ.

What Is Difference Between Selective And Go Back ARQ?

The main difference between these two protocols is that after finding a damaged frame, go-back-n protocol re-transmits all the frames.

What Is The Purpose Of Stop And Wait ARQ?

Stop and wait. The alternating bit protocol, also known as stop and wait, is a method of sending information between two connected devices. Information is not lost due to dropped packets, and packets are received in the correct order. It’s the simplest repeat-request mechanism.

What’s The Difference Between A Stop And Wait Protocol?

Stop and Wait is a flow control protocol. The sender waits for the receiver to acknowledge them before sending one frame. The frame is sent to the sender. Frame/packet can be retransmitted if acknowledgment is not received.

What Are The Different Types Of Automatic Repeat ReQuest?

There are three main types of the ARQ, according to Techopedia.

What’s The Difference Between Selective Repeat And Stop And Wait?

Acknowledgement type is cumulative. Acknowledgement type is individual. No specific order is needed at the end of the line. In-order delivery is only accepted at the end of the line.