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What Is Meant By Subnet?

A subnetwork is a network inside a network. The networks are more efficient because of the subs. When a network receives data packets from another network, it will sort and route those packets in a way that doesn’t make them go to their destination in an inefficient way.

What Is Subnet Explain With Example?

A sub network is a logical part of the network. A network is divided into two or more networks. The logical division of an address into two fields is achieved by this.

What Is Subnet Use For?

A mask is used to divide the address. The computer is identified by one part and the network by the other. If you want to understand how an address works, look at it and see how it is organized.

What Is Meant By Subnetting In Networking?

Subnetting is a technique for splitting a network into smaller networks. Subnetting can be used to hide network complexity and reduce network traffic.

How Is Subnet Done?

The address is made up of 32 bits and can be divided into two parts with the help of a mask. The 32 bits are broken down into 8 bits. The converted octets are separated by a dot.

How Many Types Of Subnets Are There?

There are two types of subnetting. Variable length allows for more flexibility.

How Many Subnets Are There?

How many hosts and subs there are.

How Do You Calculate Subnets?

The formula 2n is used to calculate the number of possible subnets. If three host bits are borrowed, then n is the number. If three host bits are borrowed, there will be eight subnets.

What Is The Subnet Mask Used For?

There is a mask on. A subnetwork mask is data used for bitwise operations on a network of addresses that are divided into two or more groups.

What Is The Subnet Mask Number?

A Subnet mask is a 32-bit number that splits the internet address into two parts. Subnet mask is made by setting host and network bits. Host addresses within a network can’t be assigned to hosts.

What Is Subnet Mask In Networking?

A 128-bit number is called a subnet mask, and it is used to segment an existing internet address. It is used to determine if a host is on a local or remote network.

What Is The Default Subnet Mask?

The network and host are indicated by the subnet masks. The default subnet mask for class C addresses is

What Command Should The Technician Instruct The Users To Issue On The PCs To Solve The Problem?

What command should the technician use to solve the problem? The problem is caused by a change in the address of the router. The arp -d command is needed to reestablish the correct cache.

Which Command Can Be Used To Encrypt All Passwords In The Configuration File?

Which command is used to protect passwords? The command service password-encryption is used to protect passwords on a routers.

Which Protocol Would Be Best To Use To Securely Remote Access The Network Devices?

A secure management connection to a remote device is provided by Secure Shell.

Why Would A Network Administrator Use The CLI Of The Cisco IOS?

Why would a network administrator use it? Adding a password to a network device is necessary. Is there a way to prevent passwords from being displayed in plain text?

Which Two Guidelines Are Appropriate For Creating Strong Passwords Choose Two?

Passwords should include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Which Troubleshooting Method Begins By Examining Cable Connections And Wiring Issues?

There are 11 items. Which method starts with examining cable connections? In the bottom-up method, a technician would start with the physical components of the network and move up through the OSI model until the problem is identified. There are 12

What Command Will Encrypt All Passwords On Router?


The command service password-encryption is the first method of security provided by the company. All clear-text passwords are obscured by this command. The feature is enabled from global configuration mode.

How Do I Secure A Network Device?

5 security best practices.

Limit the ranges that can be used for network infrastructure. Do your users need direct access? Use the network’s network management system. Make sure network device credentials are valid. li>Disable unused network ports /li> Bonus!/li>

How Do You Secure An Organization Network?

You can make your company network less vulnerable to data thefts by following these nine steps.

Use WPA2 Passwords on your business network can be secured with a reliable, secure protocol. /li>li> Allow or restrict. Use a PureVPN. Disable file sharing Always update the router’s software. Use IDS orIPS. WAF can be installed. li>UseSSL certificates./li>

What Device Is Required For A Hosts To Send Traffic To Another IP Networks?

To reach remote networks, hosts must send traffic to a local routers that can route traffic to the correct network. The default gateway is the local one and hosts need to set it up in order to communicate with remote devices.

Which Three Items Are Biometric Security Devices?

Which three items are used for security? Choose three. The physical characteristics of the user are compared to the data stored in the device to verify their identity.

What Can A Network Technician Use To Determine The Host Name?

A host name has been identified as the source of an attack on a company. What command can a network technician use to determine the host’s internet protocol address?

How To Find IP Address In CMD For Network?

How to find an internet address. The command line is the easiest way to do that. To open the command prompt, you have to type it in. Click on the command prompt if you want to run as administrator.

Which Is The Command To Request A New IP Address?

The command will cause the computer to ask for a new address from the server. The command will remove the current address, but won’t request a new one. The network is being tested with the ping and tracert commands.

Which Is Utilities Can A Technician Use To Determine The IP Address Of A Client?

The command dig can be used to query the nameservers for information about host addresses, mail exchanges, and related information. A client is unable to use their computer. Which of the following utilities can be used by a technician? nslookup.