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What Is Network Operating System In Computer?

A network operating system is an operating system that manages network resources and includes special functions to connect computers and devices into a local area network.

What Is Required For A Computer To Operate On A Network?

The network needs to provide connections, communications and services in order to function.

Is Windows 2000 Network Operating System?

This version was released by Microsoft. It is a desktop operating system. The versions are Windows 2000 server and Windows 2000 Datacenter.

What Is Access This Computer From The Network Policy Setting?

Users can connect to the device from the network if they have access to the computer. This capability is needed by a number of network protocols.

What Do You Mean By Network Operating System?

A network operating system. An operating system. System software manages the hardware resources and provides services to the application software. There are many different operating systems.

What Are The Main Operations Of An Operating System?

The operating system’s major operations are process management, memory management, device management and file management. The following are given in detail.

Is It Possible To Access This Computer From The Network?

This capability is needed by a number of network protocols.