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What Is Sprint PCS Vision?

The wireless experience is transformed from something that is functional into something visual, entertaining and highly personalized with the help of the enhanced Nationwide PCS Network.

How Much Is Sprint Service?

How does the unlimited plan compare to the price?

Is Sprint Publicly Traded?

The $26 billion merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was officially completed today. The ticker symbol for the combined parent company, T-Mobile, will be TMUS, and it will trade on the Nasdaq.

What Happens To Sprint Stock After Merger?

Under the terms of the transaction, T-Mobile shareholders will receive a fixed exchange ratio of 0.10256 T-Mobile shares for every T-Mobile share they own.

How Are Sprint Goals Different From Vision Goals?

A sprint goal is the overarching objective to be accomplished. sprint goals are more tangible than a vision. They are time bound to the end of the sprint. The questions are answered by sprint goals.

What Is The Purpose Of A Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a design thinking method used to solve complex problems. The design sprint framework was developed to align teams under a shared vision with clear goals and deliverables.

How Much Data Can You Use On A Sprint Phone?

unlimited data on our network at max 3G speeds is tethering. Primary data usage must be on a mobile device for a small group of customers. Higher speeds for data used on the phone may be achieved because of the prioritized usage of the phone.

Which Is The Best Tool For Sprint Goals?

Hansoft can be used to estimate and manage sprint goals. It has fast and flexible management. You can easily prioritize your stories and stay on top of changes.