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What Is The Comparison Of Brain And Computer?

There is a comparison chart.

What Is One Similar Function Both Brains And Computers Perform?

Computers and brains perform the same functions despite the differences in how they are sent. Both computers and brains use the same circuits in the brain to store memories.

What Is The Similarity Between The Internet And Our Brain?

It is easy to make comparisons between the brain and the Net. The Net links computers over ethernet cables, fiber-optic cables, or satellite links, and the Web uses hypertext links to connect one page to others.

Which Part Is Known As The Brain Of The Computer?

The “brains” of a computer are referred to as the central processing unit. The processor is also known as theCPU. The program is a sequence of stored instructions.

Which Part Of The Computer Is Called It’s Brain?

The central processing unit is in the computer case. The computer’s job is to carry out commands. When you press a key, click the mouse, or start an application, you send instructions to the processor.

Which Component Of A Computer Is Called Brain Of Computer?

The brain of a computer is similar to the brain of a human. There are parts that take information.

Which One Is The Device That Is The Brain Of A Computer System?

The computer’s brain is called theCPU. The computer has a central processing unit. The most important part of a computer system is the central processing unit. There is a central location for the computer’s central processing unit.