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What Is The Name Of A Network Or Computer That Is Linked To The Internet?

Local area networks and wide area networks are the two basic network types. A business office, laboratory, or college campus can be connected to computers and peripheral devices through a network of links.

What Makes Up The Internet And Internet?

The Internet is a network of networks that provide access to millions of other networks. The Internet acts as a conduit to move messages between networks.

What Is The Definition Of A Computer Network?

A computer network is defined as two or more computers connected to each other so that they can communicate. At least one server.

Who Was Involved In The Development Of The Internet?

Vinton Cerf, an American computer scientist, and Robert E. “Bob” Kahn, an American engineer, start a project to develop Transmission-Control Protocol. ARPANET connected to England and Norway.

What Are The Major Components Of A Network?

The main components of a simple network are theClient computer, server computer, network interface, and network operating system.

When Did TCP / IP Become The Standard Communication Method?

The network control protocol (NCP) was replaced by the standard communication method for ARPANET. The Internet Activities Board was created to oversee web research and development.