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What Is The Purpose Of Infrared Light?

The effects of ultraviolet light on the tissues and cells of the body are different to the effects of IR light. The circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body is improved by the light.

How Often Can I Use Infrared Light On My Face?

It is recommended to start with 20 minutes per week for the first few weeks, then 20 minutes per week for the next few weeks, and finally 20 minutes per week for the last few weeks.

What Are The Most Common Uses Of Infrared?

The IR spectrum has many useful applications. IR radiation can be seen in the form of heat. Electronic sensors can be used to detect this.

Is Infrared Light Faster Than Microwave Light?

Microwave energy can be dangerous for your eyes because it will heat your cells much faster than sunlight. They will warm up before you can even feel them. Microwave light is more powerful than the waves from the IR.

Is Infrared Light A Kind Of Light Or Just Heat?

IR is a type of energy that is invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. The sun and fire are two of the most obvious sources for IR radiation.

What Does Infrared Light Do To Humans?

What do the effects of the light on your body have? By heating up your core temperature, the heat waves from the heat penetrate into your body. Our bodies ability to excrete toxins is greatly affected by our sweat glands.