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What Is The Term For Someone Who Accesses A Computer Or Network Illegally?

A hacker. Refers to someone who is unauthorized to use a computer.

What Do You Call Using Of A Computer Or Its Data For Unapproved Or Possibly Illegal Activities?

Unauthorized use is the use of a computer for something other than authorized use.

What Term Describes When An Intruder Fools A Network Into Believing Its IP Address Is Associated With A Trusted Source Rather Than A Phony Website?

A program that does repetitive tasks. Stealers use this technique to make their network appear legitimate to the victim. The internet is being spoofed. An intrusion computer will fool a network into believing it is from a trusted source.

Which Of The Following Is Someone Who Uses The Internet Or Network To Destroy Or Damage Computers For Political Reasons Group Of Answer Choices?

I have a class called IDT.

What Is It Called When Someone Access A Computer System Without The Owner’s Consent?

Unauthorized computer access, also known as hacking, is a criminal activity in which someone uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to a system. Penalties for hacking can be heavy under both federal and California law.

Is A Program That Hides Within Or Looks Like A Legitimate Program?

There is a horse.

A TROJAN HORSE is a program that hides.

What Is The General Term For Programs That Act Without A User’s Knowledge?

There are cards.

What Is IP Spoofing In Cyber Security?

A spoofing is a type of cyber-attack in which someone attempts to use a computer, device, or network to trick other computer networks.

Is It Illegal To Access Someone Else’s Computer?

It is against the law in California to break into someone else’s computer. California law defines hacking as knowingly accessing any computer system or network without permission.

How Easy Is It To Catch A Hacker?

Criminals are being tracked. It’s very difficult to catch a hacker. A novice can use obfuscation technologies. Other technologies make it hard to identify them.

Is It A Crime To Use A Computer Without Authority?

It’s a crime to use a computer network without authority.

What Does Unauthorized Access To A Computer Mean?

Unauthorized access includes approaching, snooping within, communicating with, storing data in, retrieving data from, or otherwise intercepting and changing computer resources. These laws are related to actions that interfere with computers.

How Do People Access Your Home Network And Steal Your Internet?

How your network is configured affects how people access it. Unsecured wireless networks are the most common way to access your network. The highlighted SSID is my neighbours, and lucky for them, it has been secured.

What Can The Attorney General Do About Computer Hacking?

A person who is injured by unauthorized use of a computer or computer network can bring a civil action to stop further violations and to recover actual damages. The attorney general can take action.