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What Is The Term Used When A Virus Takes Control Of Features On Your Computer And Transports Files?

When a virus takes control of features on your computer and transports files or information automatically, it’s called aworm.

What Virus Takes Control Of Your Computer?

2. The boot sector has aviruses. The computer can be taken control of by this type of virus.

What Is It Called When A Computer Gets A Virus?

There are many different types of malicious software, such as computer viruses, keyloggers, rootkits, bootkits, and other software.

What Are The Virus Features Of A Computer?

Your code can be changed by computer viruses. A PC virus can be a resident, that is first loaded into memory and theninfecting the computer. This is the most common feature of the virus.

Who Wrote The First Virus?

There is a brain. Most viruses were harmless before 1988. The first Windows based PC virus was created in January of 1986. It was written by two brothers who were only 17 and 24 years old at the time.

What Is The Name Of The Polymorphic Virus Outbreak In 1991?

There is a virus called the Chameleon.

The first polymorphic virus was created. The Chameleon virus is released in 1991. It was difficult to detect because it was wide spread.

How Does Virus Spread In Computer?

When the software is attached to a document, it can be transferred from one computer to another using a network, a disk, or an e-mail attachment. Different stealth strategies are used by some viruses.