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What Is Undecidable Problem How Can It Be Solved?

In computability theory, an undecidable problem is a type of computational problem that requires a yes/no answer, but where there cannot possibly be any computer program that always gives the correct answer.

How Do You Show An Undecidable Problem?

L isundecidable. The halting problem can be reduced to L by creating a new machine M. On input x, calculate the length of the steps. If the simulation stopped within that number of steps, M stops.

What Is Undecidable Problem In Algorithms?

An undecidable problem should give a “yes” or “no” answer, but there isn’t a way to answer correctly on all inputs.

What Is An Example Of An Undecidable Problem?

There are a few important Undecidable Problems. Undecidable is when we can’t reach the last string because of the infinite strings generated by a CFG. Since we can’t determine all the strings of a CFG, we can predict if two of them are equal.

Is The Halting Problem Undecidable?

Turing machines have a problem. The problem of finite state automata is easy to decidable. The model is important. The Turing machine has infinite memory.

Which Problems Are Decidable?

A decision problem that can be solved by stopping all inputs in a number of steps. A decidable language is an associated language. Completely decidable problem is also known as a solvable problem.

Are Undecidable Problems Solvable?

The problem of deciding whether a number is in the set is informal. A decidable or effectively solvable decision problem is one that is undecidable otherwise.

Are Undecidable Problems Unsolvable?

An undecidable problem can never be written that will give a correct decision for every input value. Undecidable problems include only problems that should have a yes/no answer. )

What Is Undecidable Language?

A language for which the membership can’t be decided by an algorithm is equivalent to a Turing machine that can’t recognize all inputs.

Can A Human Solve The Halting Problem?

Humans are smart because computer scientists can’t steal or efficiently implement smart algorithms that are cleverly written. They are clever, but most likely can’t solve the problem.

Can We Solve The Halting Problem?

There is no program that can solve the halted problem for computer programs. It is important that we specify what computer programs we are talking about.