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What Protocol Is Used By Ping?


The ping command uses a message protocol called ICMP. An ICMP echo request is sent by a ping command.

What Is Ping Used For In Networking?

The Ping tool can be used to find out if a host is reachable on a network. The time it takes for packets to be sent from the local host to a destination computer is measured by a Ping. The packet’s round-trip time and losses are recorded by the Ping tool.

How Do I Use Ping Tool?

Ping is being used on a Windows device.

Open the Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt window, typeping followed by the destination, either an internet address or a domain name. The command will begin printing the results of the ping.

What OSI Layer Is Nslookup?

Tools like ping, nslookup, and others. The messages are sent up and down the protocol stack to all layers of the OSI model.

Does Traceroute Use Ping?

ICMP is used on a Windows system. traceroute can be blocked if it doesn’t respond to the protocol. The source address of the ICMP message is displayed by traceroute.

Which Protocols Are Used For Ping?

There are a number of protocols that can be used with ping. The protocol can be appletalk,clns, ip, novell, apollo, vines, decnet, or xns.

What Is TCP PING And How Is It Used?

The packet internet groper is used to resolve network issues A network diagnostic tool is used to test the connection between two devices.

Which Port Is Standard For Ping?

The PING command in Windows and Linux/ Unix OS is powered by the ICMP protocol.

What Port Does Ping Work Over?

The echo service uses Port 7. If this service is available on a computer, ICMP could be used to perform aping. Most modern computers don’t have the “echo” service running so performing “ping” using UDP port 7 instead of ICMP wouldn’t work.