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What Size Amp Do I Need For A 10 Inch Sub?

You want an amplifier that can handle 800 watt RMS. If you have two 4 ohm subs, that would wire to a final impedance of 1ohm. You can find an amplifier that can handle 800 watt RMS. The wiring is different if they are dual subs.

How Many Watts Does A 10 Inch Sub Need?

150 watt of recommended power is what the Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer will work with. You can see more details below.

Is 500 Watts RMS Good?

500 watt rms is enough to drive and listen to. I hear that a 10 will provide a tighter and more accurate bass than a 12.

Is A 10 Or 12 Inch Sub Better?

One that fits in your vehicle, one that you can properly power, and one that fits your budget are some of the qualities that make a good sub. If size, power, space, and budget are not an issue, then the 12 inch subs are for you. If 12s don’t work, go for 10 inch subs. If 10-inch subs won’t work, use 8 inch subs.

How Loud Is 600 Watts?

The loudness is the measure of the level at a distance and decreases as distance increases. My 600 watt system can provide 135db.

What Is The Best Watts For Speakers?

The speaker’s best watt is between 15 and 30. 20 watt is enough for most homeowners. 50 or 100 watt speakers can be used.

How Many Watts Is A Subwoofer Amplifier Rated At?

The amplifier is rated at either 4 or 2ohms. The amplifier can deliver 250 watt with a properly set gain to match the power rating of the sub.

How Many Watts Does A 500 Watts RMS AMP Have?

The Amp is capable of 500 watt RMS x 1 at 4 and 350 wattRMS x 1 at 2. If you want the system to put out 500 watt RMS, you should maximize the amplifier’s potential. Your subs have to be wired to form a total impedance. Two subs on a 500 watt amplifier will need about 250 watt per unit.

What Should The RMS Be Of A Subwoofer?

We recommend 80% to 120% of the recommended rating for your speakers. The power handling specification is usually rated per speaker.

What Kind Of AMP Should I Get For My Sub?

An advisor can help you pick the perfect amplifier. I am interested in purchasing a P1 enclosure. What is the most cost-effective type of amplifier for this application? The sub was powered by the amplifier. Thanks a lot.