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What Was The Worst Thing To Be Invented?

Inventions that are the worst.

li>Segway./li>li>New Coke./li>li>Clippy.

What Is The Oldest Human Invention?

The first tool we made was probably the Acheulean Handaxe. The Kokiselei complex is 1.7 million years old.

What Is The Worst Discovery Or Invention In History?

Land mines are some of the most dangerous inventions of all time. The first recorded use of land mines was in China. These bombs are buried underground along the perimeter of a territory to create defensive barriers and prevent the enemies from entering.

What Is The Worst Thing Ever Invented?

There are 20 Worst Inventions. This guy used to appear at the bottom of your screen when you used Microsoft Office. The U.S military used Agent Orange to cut through the thick forest to get a better view of AquaNotes. There are hydrogen blips. There is an anti- eating mask.

What Are Some Of The Best Inventions?

The disposable diaper is one of the great inventions. Some people think these inventions are the best ever created. Their convenience and high level of use make them popular.

What Is The Most Awesome Invention Known To Humankind?

The Onion is the greatest invention of all time. The advent of the wheel, penicillin, and the computer chip are pieces of shit compared to The Onion’s greatness.