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What Would Not Be Considered A Personal Computer?

A mainframe cannot be used for personal use and a personal computer is a computer that you have at home.

Which Of The Following Is Personal Computer?

A personal computer can be a desktop computer, laptop, netbook, or handheld PC.

Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Computer?

There is an answer to this. I need to be made the smartest mate.

What Kind Of Computer Does Not Have A Keyboard?

Thin computers don’t have a keyboard or mouse. There are laptops. Mainframes computers are used by large businesses, government agencies, and in science and education to provide centralized storage and processing.

What Makes Two Programs Run At Once Possible?

You are running two programs at the same time on a computer that only has 16 megabytes of memory. What is the reason this is possible? What temporarily holds programs and data while the computer is on and allows it to access that information randomly? The term _____ memory is used for the memory of the computer.

Which Is The Following Statement Does Not Describe Shareware?

People can work on the same document on separate computers. The following statements do not describe shareware. Only the internet or a secure cloud can be used to access it. If you don’t buy the software within a certain number of days, it will stop working.

Which Is The Most Important Component Of A Computer?

The computer needs more components to function. The megahertz is a measurement. Personal computer hardware stores instructions and data.