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When A Firecracker Explodes Stored Chemical Energy Turns Into Sound And Light Energy What Other Type Of Energy Is Also Released During The Transformation?

The heat energy comes from the exothermic reaction of the fire.

When A Firecracker Explodes What Other Energy Is Released?

Chemical potential energy is released when a firework is lit. The cans move after a firework explodes.

What Energy Transformation Is A Firecracker?

Chemical energy.

Chemical energy to light, thermal, and sound energy are what’s in a firework.

When Fire Crackers Are Exploded The Energy Which Gets Converted Into Light Sound And Heat Is Energy *?

TheCHEMICAL energy is what gets converted into sound light and heat when a firework is burst.

Is Motion A Form Of Energy?

The movement of objects has motion energy. The more energy is stored, the quicker they move. When an object slows down, energy is released. Motion energy can be seen in the wind.

Which Item Will Have The Greatest Kinetic Energy?

The vehicle with the least mass has the most energy. The vehicles are moving at the same speed. The delivery van has more mass than the other vehicles.

What Happens To The Mass When A Firecracker Explodes?

What happens when a firework explodes? The mass is still there, but some of the atoms have recombined into different substances. All of the mass is still there, but some of the atoms have recombined into something else.

Why Do Fireworks All Look Different?

The gunpowder within the firework ignites when it’s in the sky. Different fireworks patterns are created by the stars around the central gun powder charge. You get a circle display of colour if the stars are in a circle around the black powder charge.

What Are Two Examples Of Energy Being Transformed From One Type To Another?

One form of energy can be turned into another. With the help of a battery and electrical energy, gasoline is put into our cars. Electricity is fed into our TVs to convert it to sound and light.

Which Type Of Energy Is Used In A Fan Running On Electricity?

The energy comes from the body.

The fan converts electric energy into heat.

What Form Of Energy Is Stored In Food?

Our cells convert stored chemical energy into usable energy.