Which Are Examples Of Link State Routing Protocols Select Two?

There are examples of link state protocols.

The ISO’s Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) for CLNS and the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) are used.

What Are Two Characteristics Of Link State Protocols?

The best path can be determined by using characteristics of the route such as speed and cost, and current congestion, which are computed by the Dijkstra algorithm. Link state routers are updated from all the other routers in the network.

Which Two Protocols Are Link State Routing Protocols?

State protocols are linked with OSPF. Which feature gives secure updates to neighbors? Explanation: The RIPv2 protocol can be used to secure updates between neighbors.

Which Protocol Is Popular Example Of Link State Routing Protocol?


The OSPF is a link state protocol.

What Is The Difference Between Link State And Distance Vector Protocols?

Their entire table is sent to their neighbors. Information about directly connected links to the network is sent by link state protocols. Due to their high reliability, link state protocols are used in large networks.

What Is Difference Between Distance Vector And Link State?

The best route is determined by thefewest number of hops. The best route is calculated on the basis of least cost. Link state updates only the link state.

Which One Of The Following Is A Link State Protocols?

Open Shortest Path First and Intermediate System to Intermediate System are examples of link state protocols. Every switch in the network is used to forward packets in the link-state protocol.

Is Rip A Link-state Routing Protocol?

Older networks only use the classful routing protocols. These protocols have evolved into classless protocols. Nature does not like link-state protocols.

Why OSPF Is Called Link State Protocol?

The OSPF protocol is used to exchange information between the routers and their nearest neighbors. The next hop address to which data is forwarded is determined by choosing the best end-to-end path.

Is BGP Link State Protocol?

BGP does not have a complete top down of the network-like link state protocols. BGP behaves like a distance protocol to make sure a path is loop-free.

Which Is An Example Of A Link State Protocol?

Link state protocols, also known as shortest path first or distributed database protocols, are built around a well-known algorithm. The ISO’s Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) is a link state protocol.

When To Use Distance Vector Or Link State Routing Protocols?

When it comes to enterprise networking, link state protocols are required. The link state protocols are designed for large networks. There are link state protocols.

When Does A Link State Routing Protocol Update?

Periodic updates are not used in link-state protocols. The link-state update is only sent when there is a change in the topology. When the 172.16. 3.0 network goes down, the link-state update is sent.

Which Is The Link State Routing Protocol OSPF Or Is Is?

OSPF and IS-IS are link state protocols. There are two distance vector routing protocols. BGP is a gateway protocol. How can an administrator reduce SPF overhead?