Which Command Displays All Possible EIGRP Routes To A Destination Even If There Are No Feasible Successors?

There are two entries in the table at Router One, but only one will be a feasible successor, so the other will not be displayed.

How Does EIGRP Determine Feasible Successor?

A successor route for any given destination is chosen as having the lowest computed feasible distance and cost to get there.

What Does A Router Do If It Has No EIGRP Feasible Successor?

Route recomputation occurs when there are no feasible successors. A route recomputation begins with a query packet. While in active state, the next hop neighbor cannot be changed.

What Command Will Show EIGRP Successor And Feasible Successor Routes?

Secondary routes to a remote network are considered feasible replacements if the primary route fails. You can see the table with a command.

When A Router Is Unable To Find A Known Route?

How does a routers handle a packet when it can’t find a route?

The packet is discarded and sent to the next hop address.

Is OSPF Better Than EIGRP?

The ability of the OSPF is higher because it is easier to migrate from one vendor to another than it is from one vendor to another. The network can be scaled easily through the OSPF protocol.

What Are The 4 Conditions For 2 Routers To Form A Neighborship In EIGRP?

Two routers have to use the same K values. If one router uses three K- Values (K1, K2 and K3) while the other uses default K values (K1 and K3), they will never become neighbors. Two routers have to use the same K values.

Which Purpose Of A Floating Static Route Is True?

The administrative distance of a floating static route is greater than that of a static route. They are useful when giving a backup to a primary link.

What Happens If A Route Table Cannot Find A Match?

The destination address on a packet will be looked at by the routers to find a match in its table. If it can’t find a match, it will drop the packet and send an ICMP message to the source to let them know there is no route to the destination network.

How Does EIGRP Work With Feasible Succesor?

There are two terms in the world that are often used. The route with the best metric is the successor. There is a route in the table. If the successor route fails, a backup path can be used.

When Is A Destination Network Removed From The EIGRP Topology?

A route querying process is initiated when a destination network is removed. When certain requirements are met, the feasible successors will be stored by the EIGRP routers.

Which Is The Feasible Successor To EIGRP Route 10.1.1 / 32?

The feasibility conditions are satisfied and the feasible successor is selected for The feasible successor is not selected in the route of

How To Show The Route Table In EIGRP?

The all-links command can be used to show the entire table, including successors, feasible successors, and non-successor routes. The output was taken from R4. There are non-successor routes highlighted.