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Which Computer Has A Clamshell Design?

The first laptop with a clamshell design was the GRiD Compass.

What’s A Named Collection Of Data That Exists On A Storage Medium?

There is a computer tech flashcards card.

How Is Data Stored Within A Computer’s Memory?

Data is stored in a number of numbers. Simple instructions are stored in electronic memory in the computer’s BIOS, which are used to move data in and out of different storage locations.

What Drive Works With CDs DVDs And BDs?

The data on optical disks can hold more information than the classic portable media option of the floppy disk. Disc drive, CD drive, DVD drive, and optical drive are all types of drives.

What Is Clamshell Laptop?

A. There is a portable device. Sometimes flip phones and laptop computers are called “clams” because they are open and close.

What Is The Trend To Blend Several Technologies?

Digital is the trend in which different technologies evolve into a single product. Digital convergence combines several technologies into one product.

Is A Collection Of Data That Has A Name And Is Stored In A Computer?

Storage is a device that saves data. alphabets, numbers or symbols can be used to store data in a location with a name. A file contains saved data. Secondary storage devices like hard disk or compact disk hold the saved data.

Is An Optical Drive The Same As A DVD Drive?

An optical drive is a computer system that allows the use of discs, CDs and discs. Data can be stored on DVDs with a storage capacity of over four gigabytes. You need a blank recordable DVD disc to write on.

Which Storage Device Is Mandatory In Computer?

Primary memory has limited storage capacity and can be read only. A computer system needs auxiliary or secondary memory for future use.