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Which Devices Are Used To Show The Results Of Processing By A Computer?

The most common computer output device is a monitor. Users can view the data using the visual display.

Which Of The Following Is A Processing Device Of Computer?

A processing device is a computer device that interprets and manipulates data. In the diagram below, the processor is shown.

What Makes Up The Process Of Computer Processing?

The means by which computer programs and instructions are executed is called computer processing. The process of transforming data into information is actully done. Data is transformed into information by computer processing devices.

What Are The Input And Output Devices Of A Computer?

The input/output devices are in the computer. The input and output devices can also be written. The inputs and outputs of a computer system are what connect you to it. Data and user commands can be transferred into the computer system with input devices.

How Is The Input Stage Of The Information Processing Cycle?

Instructions and data from the outside world are what a computer needs to work. Data and instructions are received by the computer during the INPUT stage. Useful information results can be obtained when inputs are applied.

Which Is The Best Description Of Information Processing?

Information processing involves changing or converting information into something meaningful. Information is data which is useful for someone. The data may be put to use along with more data or as is.