Physical Address

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Which Of The Following Devices Sends Data From One Network Device And Send It To All The Devices Connected To The Network?

A switch is a device that forwards data from one device to another.

What Device Sends Data From A Network To The Outside World?

A routers is a device that sends information between networks. The best way to get the information to its final destination is determined by the routers. The packets are forwarded until they reach their destination.

Which Device Takes Data Sent From One Network Device And Forwards It To All Devices On The Network Regardless Of The Intended Recipient?

There is a discussion forum.

What Network Equipment Has The Ability To Transmit Data From One Network To Another?

There is a routers. The sea of connected networking devices using different network topologies help transmit packets. Information about the networks they’re connected to is stored in the routers.

Which Method Is Used For Sending Data To All System Regardless Of Intended Recipient?

Broadcasting is the method of sending data to all systems.

Which Is A Device That Forwards Digital Signals?

There is a correct answer. A modem is an electronic device that converts digital data signals into analog signals for transmission.

How Does A Packet Travel Through A Network?

To travel to other networks, the packet must be processed. The role of the routers is to choose the best path for packets to travel to the destination. Before reaching the destination host, a packet may cross many devices.

How Does Host A And Host B Communicate?

Communication can be hosted to host. Host A and Host B are both connected to the same network, so they have the same addresses. The host has a unique address.

How Many Devices Are Trying To Communicate With The Server?

Seven devices try to communicate with the same server at the same time. 70 Mbit/s are being sent to the server’s port.

What’s The Difference Between A Host And A Network Address?

In your example, the broadcast address is.255. If a host sends something to this address, the router will forward it to all the other addresses on the same subnet. In your example, the network is called the network identifier and used to identify the subnet.