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Which Organelle Is The Command Center For Cells?

The nucleus is the center of the cell. Single-cell organisms are prokaryotic, while multi-cell organisms are made of eukaryotic cells.

What Is The Command Center Of A Prokaryotic Cell?

The cell has a powerhouse that processes energy. The organelle is present in both pro and eukaryotic cells. It is in charge of packing the cells.

Why Is Nucleus The Command Center Of The Cell?

The nucleus is the most important part of a cell. They are the first ones The control center of the cell is usually the nucleus because it stores all of the genetic instructions for manufacturing.

What Encloses A Cell?

A cell’s nucleus is encased in a double-membrane. It separates the cells from the chromosomes. The nucleus and the cytoplasm have small holes in them that allow the passage of certain materials.

What Is Known As Suicidal Bags Of Cell?

In cells, lysosomes are found. Christian de Duve gave them a nickname back in 1959 to highlight their degradative properties.

What Is The Basic Unit Of Life?

The basic units of life are cells. The basic building block of organisms is a cell.

How Does A Nucleus Look Like?

The nucleus looks like it has a dark spot. Each species has a fixed number of nucleoli in its nucleus. A nucleolus is formed after a cell divides.

Which Type Of Cell Is A Stomach Cell?

Parietal cells are the stomach cells that produce acid. Parietal cells produce hydrochloric acid when they respond to histamine, acetylcholine, and gastrin.

Which Organelle Is Called Suicidal Bags?


The term “suicide bags” was introduced by Christian de Duve 50 years ago.

Which Is The Command Center Of An Eukaryotic Cell?

The cell nucleus is a structure that controls the cell’s growth and reproduction. It is the most prominent organelle in a cell.

Why Is The Nucleus Called The Control Center Of The Cell?

Most of the genetic material that carries instructions for the cell’s operations is located in the nucleus. The sequence of chemical steps needed for the synthesis…

How Do You Center A Cell In Microsoft Word?

The only thing you need to do is position the insert point in the text and then click on the center button in the ribbon. It’s as easy to center text vertically as it is to position it. The ribbon has a layout tab.

What Do You Mean By Command And Control Center?

A command and control center is a secure room that provides centralized control of a situation. The command and control center definition is applicable to small towns that need to put three people in a mobile unit at a local fair just as well as it is to the Pentagon.