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Which Routing Protocol Has The Most Trustworthy Administrative Distance By Default?

The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Interior Gateway Protocol (IGRP) are the two most reliable Routing Protocols.

Which Routing Protocols Have An Administrative Distance Of 120?

OSPF has a default administrative distance of 120, whileRIP has a default administrative distance of 120.

Why Would You Use OSPF As A Routing Protocol Select The Best Response?

It is possible to calculate routes based on incoming requests using the OSPF protocol. OSPF protocol has no limits on the number of hops. Load balancing is better with OSPF because it converges faster.

Which Type Of Route Has An Administrative Distance Of 1?

Administrative distance is understood.

Which One Has Is The Lowest Administrative Distance?

The lowest connected will be 0. A static route will always have an AD of 1.

What Is A Classless Routing Protocol?

Classless protocols have information in their updates. The two original IPv4 protocols were IGRP and RIPv1. When network addresses were allocated based on classes, they were created.

Which One Has A Highest Administrative Distance?

The reliability of a protocol is counted. The Administrative Distance can range from 0 to 255. The best Administrative Distance is 0 and the worst is 255.

Which Is Routing Protocol Should The Network Administrator Use?

There are 24 days left. As part of a transition from a static to a dynamic protocol on an organization’s internal network, the protocol must support both IPv4 and VL SM. Which should the network administrator use?

What Are The Different Types Of Cisco Routing Protocols?

The classless protocol developed byCisco is called EIGRP. OSPF is a classless protocol. IS- IS: link state, classless protocol. BGP is a path-vector protocol. Older networks only use the classful routing protocols.

What Are The Problems With Classful Routing Protocols?

Discontiguous networks are affected by classful protocols. A discontiguous network is when the same network addresses are different. Refer to Figure 3-13 for an example of classful routing’s shortcoming.

When To Use Static Or Dynamic Routing Protocols?

When an administrator assigns a path from source to destination, static protocols are used. The network has more security offered by it. There was no overhead on the computer. There was no unused bandwidth. The administrator needs to know how each device works.

What Is The Minimum Distance You Should Stay Away From Electric Wires When Running Category Cable 5e 6 6a UTP?

Only cross at right angles and keep unshielded data cable at least 16 inches away from power cables. The minimum distance is reduced to 4 inches if the cable is grounded.

What Is The Maximum Distance For A Horizontal Cable?

The cabling will be installed in a home run. The work areas and telecommunications room should be on the same floor. The maximum horizontal distance is 250 feet.

What Is The Maximum Distance For UTP Horizontal Cable Wall Jack To Patch Panel?

The maximum length includes 90 meters of horizontal cabling between the patch panel and the wall jack, plus 5 meters of stranded patch cable between each jack and the attached device.

What Is A Horizontal Cross-connect?

A horizontal cross- connect is where the horizontal cabling connects to a patch panel or punch up block. The telecommunications enclosures connect between the backbone and horizontal cables.

What Is The Max Length For Cat6?

100 metres.

In 10/100BASE-T applications, the maximum cable distance is 100 metres. When used for 10GBASE-T, the maximum run length is 55 metres.

What Is The Difference Between Backbone And Horizontal Cabling?

The entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and telecommunications rooms are all connected by backbone cabling. Horizontal wiring shouldn’t run between floors.

What’s The Distance Between A Patch Cord And A Wire?

The distances are for cable, patch cords, jumpers and equipment. The maximum backbone distance is 800 m, 500 m and 300 m.

What’s The Maximum Distance Between A Horizontal Cable And A Vertical Cable?

Only one transition point or consolidation point between the horizontal cross connect and the telecommunications outl et can be used. There is a maximum distance between the telecomm unications outlet and the horizontal cross connect.

How To Calculate Horizontal Cable And Work Area Cord?

The maximum combined length of the work area cable, equipment cable and patch cord can be calculated by using the formula.

Which Is The Best Way To Install Horizontal Cabling?

External cable trays and conduits might be the best solution if this isn’t possible, because loose cables on the floor pose a hazard. The illustration shows a star topology that connects the work areas to the wiring closet.