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Which Types Of Computer Is Used By Many People At The Same Time?

A mini computer can support hundreds of users at the same time. The mainframe is a computer that can support hundreds or thousands of users at the same time.

What Is Computer How Many Types Of Computer?

There are seven types of computer. Four different computer types are classified based on their performance, power and size.

What Are The Different Types Of Computer In The Modern World?

In the modern world, we could use classifications for computers such as Supercomputer, Mainframe Computer, and Mini Computer. A mainframe computer is stronger than other computers. Large businesses use a mainframe computer.

Which Is The Best Description Of A Supercomputer?

The computer is called the super computer. The front-line of current processing capacity is the computer.

Which Is The Best Description Of A Minicomputer?

In between the smallest mainframe computers and the largest single- user systems are mini computers, which are in the middle of the spectrum. Mini computers are usually small in scale and easy to maintain.

Which Is The Best Description Of A Computer?

The mainframe computer is a computer type. It is a computer that can process a lot of data quickly. Its calculation speed can reach millions to tens of millions instructions per second and it can respond to hundreds of millions of users at once.