Windows 11 default apps weigh 1.5 GB

according to new textLike many different operating systems, Windows 11 comes with a bunch of default apps, some of which are useful, while others may strike many as worthless and more like bloatware.

Default apps included with Windows 11 weigh 1.5 GB - Photo 1

The default apps included with Windows 11 take up about 1.6 GB of hard drive space


If you’re wondering how much disk space these apps are taking up, a report from Oofhours will help clarify that. This is done using tools provided by PowerShell. According to the list, Microsoft Teams is the largest application as it seems to take up 91 MB.

But while exploring some of the listed apps (like Microsoft Store Purchase), which only take up 11 kB of space, Oofhours found something unexpected. Specifically, this application has two separate folders, and the total size of the application is about 37 MB, an increase of nearly 3,500 times compared to 11 kB.

Again, Oofhours has done this for all default Windows 11 apps, which together are about 1.6 GB in size. While it’s not a huge number, it feels wasteful to many if they almost never use it.