World of Warcraft mobile has been cancelled

follow Gadgets 360mobile game World of Warcraft (Wow) got canceled. Internal disagreements between Activision Blizzard and NetEase have stymied projects that have built classic mobile games over the past three years.

Version Wow Codenamed “Neptune,” it was advertised as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in World of Warcraft.follow Bloombergmobile game Wow is a spinoff project, completely separate from the PC version, and has a different plot timeline. It is planned to be released on Android and iOS platforms.

World of Warcraft Mobile has been cancelled - Figure 1

Before this, the only mobile game experience based on World of Warcraft was the tactical card game Hearthstone. But in March, Blizzard confirmed that two new Warcraft mobile games are coming soon.One of them has been confirmed as Warcraft Arc Rumble The other title is a mobile version of the PC game, which was untitled and took 3 years of development before being cancelled.

Chinese game publisher NetEase lays off more than 100 people in charge of development Wow, some other members are transferred internally.The two companies have been partners since 2008, working together Hearthstone And handle game releases in China.

eliminate Wow Mobile games come at a rather interesting time, as Blizzard is trying to break into the Asian mobile game market by diablo immortal They launched recently.

Report Bloomberg There was also mention of another cancelled Warcraft mobile game – one similar to Pokémon Go. The game is known internally as “Orbis” and has been in development for over 4 years. Bloomberg claims that the recent cancellations have brought a clear picture of the cracks in the relationship between Activision and NetEase.

although, Warcraft Arc Rumble Still on track to release for Android and iOS devices.Not to mention, the publisher also has an expansion pack for Dragonflight Wow (PC), expected to launch later this year.